$100 Dollar Bill

Take Your Shot For

Shot for 100 is now for all y’all!

Do you still need to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Until the end of December, Louisianians who get their first COVID-19 vaccination shot are eligible to receive $100, including children ages 5 – 17. Parents of children under age 16, must have the last four digits of their child’s Social Security number to register them for Shot for 100.*

Participating Locations

If you HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED a Shot for 100 Visa™ Gift Card, you must first register your gift card in order to redeem your $100.

Register Your Card To Get Your $100

If it has been 48 HOURS since you registered your card above and have not received funding on the card, click here.

* Limited opportunity. While supplies last.

About the Shot For $100 Program

Louisiana’s Shot For $100 is a rewards program offered by the Louisiana Department of Health’s Bring Back Louisiana campaign to increase awareness of COVID vaccine availability and provide reliable efficacy and safety information.